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The Great Key West Summer Solstice Cigar Hunt

March 08, 2023 Paul Hardt Season 5 Episode 77
Life's Learning Curve
The Great Key West Summer Solstice Cigar Hunt
Show Notes

Can you keep the feeling of vacation after it’s over??   Paul’s friend Sam figured out how to do it.  This episode finds Paul sharing a story about his friend Sam's epic adventure in tropical Key West. Sam, on a mission to find the perfect cigar for his buddy Paul, embarks on a journey that takes him deep into the heart of the island's cigar culture.
Along the way, he encounters a cast of colorful characters, from local store owners to feisty street performers who have had eccentric adventures of their own.
But it's not all fun and games for Sam – he takes his quest seriously, determined
to find the ultimate smoke for his pal.
As Sam delves deeper into Key West's cigar scene, he discovers a hidden gem – a
vintage cigar shop that only builds a masterful premium cigar once a year on
the summer solstice. With the help of the shop's eccentric owner named Butch,
Sam finally finds the perfect cigar, and more importantly, a way to keep the
spirit of his vacation alive long after he's returned home.

Join us for this funny, quirky and heartwarming tale of friendship, adventure, and
the search for the perfect smoke. Whether you're a seasoned cigar aficionado or
just love a good story, you won't want to miss this episode.

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